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"Every time we launch a feature, people yell at us!"

Pending ...

June 2023


That feeling of a chasing a new idea ... 


2023 - Present


I joined Expa as an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) in January of 2023. Expa is a startup incubator that distinguishes itself through its design-first approach, it's experienced founders & team, and it's holistic support of startups.

2023 - Present

Pellegrino & Friends

My wife Kelsey and I love animals, and in our travels we've encountered animals that need help. Pellegrino & Friends started when we adopted a donkey in need (Pellegrino). As a pending 501(c)3, we aim to help organizations we work with to help animals internationally. 


2018 - Present

Tequila Komos

I co-founded Komos with Richard Betts, Joe Marchese, and Alexia Bonatsos in 2018. Komos is a luxury tequila brand known for its unique approach to crafting tequila, often involving wine-making techniques and aging processes that are not typical in the tequila industry.


2000 - 2022


I co-Founded deviantART in April of 2000 with jark along with a founding team of individuals including matteo most of whom joined around launch in August. Honorary founding team members include: mccann, chris and spot. I retired from my role as CEO in April of 2022, after exactly 22 years.



Artists Management Group

In 1999 I sold Dimension Music, PureMP3, WinAMP Facelift, etc. to Michael Ovitz' Lynx Technology Group, and simultaneously joined Artists Management Group as a "Manager." I was treated as some sort of young Internet Wiz kid, advising our A-List talent roster on how to think about the Internet for their careers. And at the same time, I helped the AMG Music Group to identify talent through DMusic, like The Ataris! 



PureMP3 helped to "clean up" a muddied digital music scene, riddled with inappropriate advertising. It led to over 2500 MP3 related sites removing inappropriate advertising from their sites, paving the way just a little bit more for digital music to prosper.



WinAMP Facelift

A short lived but potent little project. WinAMP Facelift was home to a few hundred artists making and publishing "skins" for the ever popular WinAMP Media player. It was shut down once we launched DeviantArt, a community for all sorts of deviations for your computer. 

Screenshot 2023-12-10 at 5.34.42 PM.png


DMusic Network

I founded The DMusic Network in 1999 and served as a young CEO. The DMN was a consolidated network of sites, including Dimension Music, Cybertropix, PureMP3,,, LoudFactory, etc. that came together to serve the online digital music community. Most notably, DeviantArt resulted from this effort. 

Screenshot 2023-12-10 at 5.28.57 PM.png


Dimension Music

Dimension Music began as a band archive, and evolved into a hub for news, links, and information for the MP3 community. After that, it became home to many thousands of bands to host and serve their MP3's and a top 20 music site on the Internet. It was acquired in 1999 by Michael Ovitz' Lynx Technology Group.

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